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Code 917-53
Antique Bauche "Incombustible" Cast Iron Safe from Northeastern France, 1865

This antique Incombustible cast iron safe is from Northeastern France (Gueux, Marne). Inside, it still has its original felt with the maker’s name on an oval brass plaque.  This name is also on the outside top, and on the front with the date of 1865 encircling the round star. There is a crown on top of the entire motif. Two areas on either side of the circle have female masks.  The female head on the left rotates to show the hidden slot for the key (key included). This antique French safe will be wonderful for valuables or as a decorative accessory. These are sought after by collectors and sometimes refinished. We have left ours as we found it in France.

CONDITION: Good condition with some nick, minor rusting, etc. Felt inside has some tears as seen in photos.

H=9 1/8, L=15 1/2, D=11 1/2
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