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Code 315-1
A Grand 19th Century Parisian Pharmacy Scale
This large scale was typical of the scales that pharmacists used in France in the 1800's. By removing the top piece, and inspecting the arm of the scale, you can see imprinted: LAMARE, R Dufour St Germain 24 PARIS. The top has a ball finial with a balance beam from which two brass platters are suspended by chains.  The arrow for perfect balance is beneath the ball finial’s pedestal. The entire brass scale rests upon a wooden base. This large scale could be used once again as a scale or simply as a wonderful decorative accessory in any room.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition; minor nicks, small dents and scratches.

H=46, Maximum Width=44 1/2, Depth=18 5/8
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