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Code 219-89
Opulent 19th Century French Louis XV Style Gold Leaf, Giltwood, and Plaster Frame

This magnificent antique frame is made in the Royal Louis XV style of the 18th century. It is composed of wood, plaster, old original gold leaf, and later gilding. The frame was made in the middle 1800's to hold an important painting. The canvas size would have been a 19th Century French Standard Number 25. Based on the opening in centimeters, the painting was most likely a landscape or marine painting. Truly sumptuous with its various levels of depth, undulating and pierced sides, this frame makes a grand statement on any wall. Since the frame has symmetrical motifs, it can be hung vertically or horizontally.

The outer levels have stylized acanthus leaves scrolling symmetrically inward onto a patterned ground. The underside is also another style of acanthus leaves that scrolls upwards and inward onto the same patterned ground. Coming forward and inward is a slightly smaller, but, bolder level of ornamentation. Between these two levels is a 3-1/2” molded, smooth area which also encompasses the backing to this 2nd level of ornamentation. You can see small areas of the desired, red bole showing through. Shells are at the center and corners of all sides of this second area. Between them is fantastic scrolling detail of elongated C-Scrolls, more styles of scalloped shells, vines with tiny flowers and leaves all on patterned grounds.  The innermost molding is indented and is composed of linear, small acanthus leaves. Rich in its styling, this antique French gilded frame will complement any traditional or contemporary interior. It can be used with a painting or mirror.

CONDITION: Good condition with old and new restorations, minor cracking in areas.

H=46 3/4, W=37 3/4, D=6 1/4. Opening=31 1/4 x 21 1/4
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