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Code 618-10
Stunning Pair of Large Antique Carved Giltwood Statues, Circa 1860

This is a spectacular pair of Italian giltwood statues featuring two women wearing impressive robes. Areas of red bole shows beneath the gilding. The carver has hand punched varying beautiful design motifs on a solid background.  One woman wears a long dress with a form fitting bodice having diagonal motifs. A beautifully folded drape in the same material is held together atop each shoulder and falls gracefully down her back. The other woman’s dress has a looser fitting bodice and her drape is attached to only one of her shoulders.  She holds the bulk of the drape in front of her with her left hand.   Both women are in bare feet.  There is a stepped-out base that has been gilded at the top and bottom with pale green paint to the middle of the base.

Placed anywhere in a room, this impressive pair of large giltwood statues from Italy will be the focal point.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with some minor chips, rubs and scratches; old age separations.

H=33, W=13, D=14 3/8 Base is 9 5/8 x 9 5/8 , Statue 2 H=32 3/4, W=15, D=9 3/4, Base is 10 x 9 3/8
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