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Code 219-60
17th Century Italian Giltwood Figural Fragment

This elegantly hand carved Italian giltwood fragment, is from the 1600’s. It is a demi-figure of an angel with a fish-like lower body. It is likely some sort of artistic take on the Sea God Triton or Glaucus. The piece was originally gilded, which, today, has become parcel gilt. Its upper portion depicts the angel from the waist up, turning its face upward and to the right. The left arm is raised with his hand over its head.  In the right hand is a drape which continues over the left shoulder, falling gracefully to the side. On the left side is its wing against a back drop of the drape.  The bottom portion of the demi-figure features flowing acanthus leaves ending in a fish-scaled scroll.

At 38 1/2 inches tall, this piece is now meant to be hung on a wall as a very old piece of sculptural art.

CONDITION:  Commensurate with age of 17th Century:  losses to gilding, age separations, abrasions, losses to some motifs.

H=38 1/2, W=15, D=3 3/4
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