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Code 916-74
A Giltwood Military Trophy Carving from Italy


This stunning giltwood piece is known as a military trophy. It is carved and gilded wood and made in Italy, in the 1900s. This type of piece would have been intended for decorating a wall, an overmantel, or even an overdoor. The depiction of military trophys in art has been around for the last 3 or 4 centuries. We seem them in paintings, carved paneling, boiserie motifs, and independent carvings such as this one. They are based on the original military trophys of antiquity. This was a custom where a winning army would collect, assemble and parade the weapons, armor, and decorations of the defeated army as a representation of victory. This particular carving depicts a military laurel leaf helmet, draped spears, ribbons, a stylized shield, and a battleaxe. Laurel and oak leaf branches are at the base. This decorative Italian Giltwood Trophy carving from Italy will highlight any area it is placed in.

CONDITION: Good condition with very slight age separations, restoration to one spear tip, and small rub on shield.

H=25 1/8, W=25 1/4, D=1
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