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La Marchande D'Amour, Signed Adrien Gaudez, Dated 1880

This antique French marble statue is signed by Adrien Etienne Gaudez and dated 1880 (A. Gaudez, 1880). He created the same statue out of stone or mable and entered it in the Worlds Fair in Paris in 1878 (see last photo). It is known as "La Marchande D’Amour". The statue is a depiction of a woman with two cherubs in a container on her back filled with flowers that she has picked.  She is in a half robe holding more flowers in her right hand.  Her facial demeanor expresses a relaxed happiness as she goes about her search for items of love.  The theme of this subject matter became popular in the late 18th century and early 19th centuries after a fresco was discovered in Pompeii circa 1755. In English, the fresco was referred to as the Cupid Seller, and it showed a kneeling woman offering a cupid to a seated Roman woman. In 1763, Joseph-Marie Vien created a stunning painting, titled "La marchande D'Amours".

The statue is signed A. Gaudez,1880, who was known for his realist allegorical and monumental sculptures in bronze and a few in marble. Born in Lyon, France in 1845, he died in Neully-sur-Seine in 1902.  In 1870, he was a prisoner of war in Magdenburg, Germany, at which time he sculpted the monumental statue of the French soldiers who died in captivity.  This was placed in the city’s cemetery.

Wonderful to view, this sculpture will be the focal point in any area it is placed.We have various painted cement pedestals available, including the one this rests upon. Please contact us for more information.

CONDITION: Good overall antique condition with with some acceptable losses including one wing on each on cherub. Old restoration to one of her arms. Minor dark marks to some raised areas. Old surface buildup.

H=39 1/8, W=13 3/4, D=16
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Based on the statue presented to the Worlds Fair in Paris 2 years earlier, in 1878. Photo courtesy of Europeana Collections. Sculptures section. Adrien Etienne Gaudez (1845-1902). "La Marchande d'amour". Paris (VIIth arrondissement), 1878.