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Pair of 19th Century French Steel Cage Stirrups La Gardiane

This fantastic pair of antique French steel cage stirrups are from the 1800’s. Cage stirrups are often used when riders go on long rides, but these in particular, are referred to as La Gardiane model. They were used extensively in the Camargue region of France. The Camargue is a vast marshy area in the South of France, and large troops of Bulls would roam in semi liberty. These "guardians" of the Bulls, Les Gardianes, used this exact type of stirrup when chasing down and protecting the bulls. They have been gracefully designed as well as functionally designed. Perfect as an decorative item, they could also be put on display in an equestrian room as pieces of history.

CONDITION: Excellent with minor rubs and scratches

H=5 5/8, W=5 3/4, D=8 3/8
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