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Code 1117-8
A Carved 17th Century French Statue of an Angel Holding a Candlestick

This beautifully hand carved wooden statue depicts an angel holding a large pedestal style, wooden candle holder in his left hand. His right arm is slightly outstretched, carrying a shawl.  He wears a draped robe fastened above his knees, and a shawl is wrapped around his shoulders draping down to his foot.  The feet looks as though they are resting upon a stylized cloud formation. 

This 17th century antique French statue of an angel will be the focal point of any area it is placed in. It can stand on a table, in a special niche, on a dedicated pedestal, or even on the floor (nearly 39 inches tall). It appears that the angel once had wings pinned to the main body, as we can see notches at the exact angle of wings.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with some minor losses as seen in photos. There are also some age separations, and a worn finish as seen below, all commensurate with age.

H=38 3/4, W=19 1/2, D=11 1/4
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