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Antique Copper, Bronze, and Mixed Metal Planter from France, Early 1900s

This highly detailed antique dragon coupe is composed of mixed metals, copper and bronze. The upper gallery rimming the top is composed of a series of shields with various motifs on and around them, but all the same design. Beneath this is a tiny border having more shields with motifs in between.  The bowl has two sets of ornamentation encircling it: one at the upper border and one at the lower border.  They are scrolling masses of berries and leaves very finely done.  The handles are wonderful Dragons with spreading wings. The short, indented pedestal base has more foliate motifs with four winged, paw feet.

CONDITION: Inner bowl has separations from basin. Old surface buildup. Leans slightly (front to back)

H=15 3/8, W=22 7/8, D=13
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