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Code 916-73
Antique French Bronze of a Bull and Cow, Christophe Fratin, Early to Mid 1800s

This is a fabulous bronze depiction of a standing bull with a cow laying to his side. The bronze is extremely well detailed and the anatomy of the animals is perfection.  A small lizard is on the ground in front of the cow and a frog is behind her on the ground. Fratin is inscribed on a little raised rectangular piece towards the rear of the cow.

Christophe Fratin (1790-1864) is ranked with other famous French animal Bronziers of the period, including the likes of Barye, Cain, and Pompon. He was known for imparting a sense of humor in some of his bronzes.  His clients were from France, England, Russia (Emporer Nicholas) and America.  His collections are in the Louvre Museum, Metz, Lyon, Nimes and the Wallace Collection in London. By inspecting the bottom of the piece, we can see that the bull and cow were individually attached to the base, thus each was sand cast separately. The signature is fine and crisp, which indicates this is not a later re-cast.

CONDITION: Excellent antique condition with minor wear

H=11 7/8, Length=16, D=8
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