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Code 116-4
Carved and Polychromed Rococo Cartouche on Stand, Flanders 1857

This is a fabulous antique French, polychromed, hand carved, wooden cartouche is in the Rococo Style.  Its origins are from the north of France in Flanders.  At the top is a beautiful crown with a fleur de lys at the center and the letters EN carved into the front.  Flowing gracefully down from the crown, are scrolling acanthus leaves surrounded by stylized and reticulated shells.  The center convex escutcheon is inscribed with the following Dutch words: Maatschappij (Society), Hoop en Liefde (Hope and Love). Along the sides, we see the words Letterkundige (Literary) and Toon – Tooneel (Theater)   The entire piece is mounted upon a metal rod on a rectangular painted wooden board. The artisan who carved this was an expert at bringing together disparate shapes into what looks like a continuous flowing motion. On the back of this piece, we see what appears to be an old painted scene that has been scrubbed. You can vaguely see two figures flanking a center cartouche or coat of arms, and the date 1857.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition; fading to paint in a few areas. Scene on back has been scrubbed at some point
H=28 3/4, W=22, D=5 7/8
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