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Code 318-13
A Wonderful 17th Century Oak Statue of Saint Florian, Patron Saint of Firefighters

St. Florian (250 A.D. – 304 A.D.), was a the patron saint of firefighters, brewers, chimney sweeps, and the town of Linz Austria. He served in the Roman army and part of his duties included organizing fire fighting brigades. He was secretly a Christian and became famous for miraculously saving a town from being destroyed by fire; after he prayed and threw a single bucket of water on the blaze, it was extinguished.

This beautifully carved oak statue from the 1600’s, clearly depicts St. Florian with a bucket in hand and a miniature house to his right having stylized flames coming from the roof. From France, this wooden statue of St. Florian will be a topic of conversation placed in any area of the home. The statue has a nice patina with a recent, light french wax, and great detail. The carver was incredibly skilled, and overall it is in good sturdy antique condition.

CONDITION: Age separations, minor areas of missing motifs and losses wood, all commensurate with age being in the 1600’s.

H=26 1/8, W=11 1/4, D=8
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