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Code 918-2
Pair of Carved Antique Limestone "Pots A Feu" from France, 19th Century

A Pot a Feu is an architectural stone ornamentation consisting of a round base surmounted by stylized flames. They were first used during the Baroque period in the 16th century and were inspired by an ancient fireworks method that basically consisted of rockets placed in firing pots. The decorative Pot A Feu are usually placed in an area of importance, such as on a pedestal at the front of a building. They can be seen in many important Chateaux all over France. The pair pictured here is a 19th century creation, executed in hand carved limestone from the area around Lyon, France. They can be used indoors or out.

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor nicks and slight crack

H=17 3/8, Max Diameter=9, Footprint=6x6
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