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Code 318-54
Hand Painted French Faience and Gilt Bronze Mounted Urn

This impressive, hand painted faience and gilt bronze mounted urn from France has all the attributes necessary for a prime position in the home.  The gilt bronze has a beautiful display of varying types of acanthus leaf foliate motifs, grapes, reticulated basket weaves and C and S Scrolls placed in just the right area.  The bronze figures start at the center of the lid, with a female bust propped up by foliate C-Scrolls.  Her hair is adorned with grapes and leaves. The scrolling acanthus leaf handles have a female holding a small instrument with strings to her front. On the opposite foliate handle is a young man holding a wine goblet in the air as if in a toast. In between the two are small cherubs holding shields. The hand painted faience has an overall pattern of colorful flowers and leaves.  All this rests upon a faience and bronze base. The urn is marked on the bottom.  20th Century.

From top to bottom this beautiful French urn will be a topic of conversation and admiration.

CONDITION: Overall it is in excellent condition, with very minor rubs and old surface build up.

H=19 3/4, W=14 3/4, D=12 1/4
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