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Code 618-22
18th Century Italian Faience Fountain Body from Liguria

This rare antique vase was originally a fountain body which dispensed the liquid from the the large mascaron face at the bottom center. The blue star marking on the bottom tell us it's originally from the Northwestern Italian region of Liguria, during the 18th century. The piece has been done in the characteristic blue on a white ground of the period. There are fantastical animal shaped handles projecting from either side of the main body, which is decorated with an abundance of animals, figures, and foliage.  Dissecting the scene on the center panel, is a ribbon with the letters A.Indiuie or A.Indiue, likely Latin, indicating an ingredient used in an apothecary. This ribbon extends with heavy scrolling into the foliage on either side. The mouth of the fountain is a mascaron’s face at the bottom center above a squat pedestal base.

This beautiful Italian faience piece will be wonderful placed upon any surface.

CONDITION: Good overall antique condition with some chips, repair, and glaze discoloration as seen in photos.

H=16 1/2, W=13 3/8, D=9 3/4
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