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Code 319-112
Pair of Silvered Wooden Herb Containers from Italy, Circa 1930


These decorative silvered wooden herbal pharmacy containers are from Italy, Circa 1930. ERICA (Ericaceae) is the Heather plant which has a variety of medicinal purposes, especially useful at treating the kidney, arthritis, sleeping problems, etc. MELIA (Melia azedarach) is also known as Chinaberry or Indian Lilac. It is used as an anthelmintic and skin conditions medicine.

Today, at nearly a foot and a half high, these silvered wooden containers will be fabulous accessories anywhere in the home. The words ERICA and MELIA are both framed by elegant grisaille cartouches. The silvered finish is distressed with red bole-like coloration coming through in areas. With a removable lid, they can also be used for storing small objects.

CONDITION: Good used condition with old repairs as evidenced by some line cracks. Distressed finish.

H=17, Diameter=8, Base Diameter=7 1/2
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