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Code 219-56
Antique Copper Coal Scuttle from England Circa 1885

This beautiful antique copper coal scuttle from England was made in the 19th century yet still retains a vibrant color and is in good condition. It has a large copper handle and the scoop portion measures over 18 inches. The number 16 is on the side of the handle. There is another handle on the back of the vessel to help stabilize it while transporting full loads of coal. The term "scuttle" is of English origin, while the French word is "hotte". These were used to refill coal fueled ovens or heaters. Today, they are decorative accessories, but can definitely be used for holding kindle, coal, or fire starter.  This model is completely hand worked.

CONDITION: Good condition with only minor oxidation in areas, marks, and minor denting as seen in photos.

H=13, L=18 3/4, W=11 3/4
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