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Code 1018-21
19th Century Carved Giltwood Eagle on Stand

Beautifully and artistically shaped, this giltwood hand carved eagle on stand is from Europe. In ancient Rome, the Eagle came to symbolize power and strength. This eagle, with its outstretched wings is resting upon a carved wooden base. His position is very graceful with his head looped forward and his beak touching his breast.  His feathers are detailed and gracefully shaped all over his body, except for the back of his wings, where they are left plain.  The entire body has been beautifully gilded. This spectacular giltwood eagle from Europe will enhance any area of the home.

CONDITION:  Good condition with wear and slight discoloration to gilding in areas.

H=18 1/2, L=28 3/8, D=10, Base is 9 1/2 wide
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