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Code 1018-15
17th Century Dutch Golden Age Carving of The Swan Knight

This fantastic carved panel can be dated to roughly the second half of the 1600's, a period in which the Netherlands became a dominant global seafaring power. The region experienced an era of rich art, scientific, and cultural growth. The plaque below is a sculpture done in oak, and it represents a man being pulled in a boat on the sea, by a large mythological swan.

It is the subject of the The Knight of The Swan, which is an 800 year old legend. The legend has different versions, depending on which part of Europe it was written (Lohengrin in Germany, Le Chevalier au Cygne in France), but for the most part, revolves around a mysterious Knight who sails to defend a lady in distress. His condition for rescuing her is that she must never ask his name. The legend is related to the The Tale of the Six Swans, and sometimes, The Swan Children.

Above the carving of the Knight and the swan, are more relief carvings of cherubs, foliate motifs, clouds, and scrolls, all surmounted by a royal crown. The wonderful plaque has warm coloration and its details have been gently worn over time. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a display stand as seen in the photos below.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition with minor motif loss and old age separation as seen in photos

H=18 5/8, W=13, D=1
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