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Code 1119-7
Highly Detailed Antique Terra Cotta Bust from Spain, Early 1900's

This antique terra cotta bust of a courting man and woman has been sculpted with highly detailed ornamentation.   All of their clothing, typically Spanish, has been incised with very intricate designs, and the overall form is done in high relief. The woman holds a closed fan towards her chin, while he clasps his finger and thumb together. The two are on a single, rectangular shaped, indented pedestal.  Perfect as an accessory in a niche or any buffet or table, this fine antique terra cotta bust from Spain will be a joy to look at.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with some darker markings in areas of back (minor), Repaired fan in womans hands, small area of white coloration and old sticker marking.

H=19, W=13, D=8 1/2
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