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Code 417-53
Signed French Bronze Sculpture of Two Dogs, R. Varnier for the Salon des Beaux-Arts 1923

This superb French bronze of two Shepherds was done for the Salon des Beaux-Arts in 1923 by R. Varnier. Varnier’s ability to sculpt the proper proportions, musculature, and particularly, their emotion, is phenomenal. The dogs are on a mound, chained to a post with their food at its base. One is lying down with an alert face and ears up and forward, while the other is half lunging over his partner with one leg up, his mouth open and his ears forward. The bronze has been patinated and is in very good condition.

 Varnier’s signature is inscribed on the back base of the bronze as R Varnier, and the Salon des Beaux-Arts 1923 is inscribed on the right- hand side of the base.

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor surface buildup, some verdigris in areas.

H=12 3/4, L=21 5/8, D=10 3/4
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