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Code 319-111
Decorative Set of 3 Antique Faux Book Document Holders from Italy, C.1915

These faux book document holders are typically Italian. They started being produced in at least the 19th century and usually came in sets. The set we have here date to around the early 1900s. They have been made from wood, cardboard, and paper, and there are nice fabric ties to hold the boxes shut when not in use.  The spine has been covered in marbleized paper while the rest of the holder is in white paper. On the spine are stickers with the numbers 221, 222, and 226 and on the upper portion of the spine, there are stickers with the word CURIA imprinted on them. Today, these can once again be used as a decorative way to organize and file away documents.

CONDITION:  Marks and abrasions to the outer and inner parts of holders.

Length=15 5/8, Depth=11 1/8, Height=3 3/8
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