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Antique Italian Marble Statue of a Cherub, 19th Century

This beautiful antique marble statue from Italy depicts a musical cherub with his trumpet resting in a cloud.  He appears to be taking a rest or time out from his usually busy musical activities.  His right arm is supporting his head, while his eyes look downward in somewhat of a daze.  His right elbow is resting upon a stylized branch with leaves at its base. The artist portrayed this resting cherub well. Suitable for anyplace in the home or garden (marble sealers recommended) , this marble cherub statue will be a wonderful topic of conversation. It is of the Italian school (unsigned) in the late 1800s. The statue is shown on an elevated cement pedestal in some of the photos. This is available upon request.  Please contact us.

CONDITION: Good overall condition with some previous restorations to feet, right wing, and part of its base (please see photos). Old surface buildup.

H=38 3/8, W=23, D=10 3/8
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