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Code 319-77A
17th Century Copper Chaufferette from France

This charming antique copper piece is quite rare. It dates toward the end of the Louis XIV period, circa 1690, and it is known as a "Chaufferette". It is sometimes called a "Chauffe Main" or directly translated hand warmer. The winters of Northern France are often cold and damp. This piece would have held hot coals and would have likely been used while traveling in horse drawn carriages. It would have kept your hands warm.

The piece is in very good condition considering its age, and it is of high quality.  The removable lid is reticulated allowing heat to rise from the top. It has the initials H S incised into the copper in two places. The rest of it is all hand cut and constructed with beautiful incised details. From France, this fabulous chuafferette will be a wonderful accessory anywhere in the home.

CONDITION:  Very minor denting and tarnish

H=10, Max Diameter=7 1/4
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