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Code 918-18
Beautiful Pair of Stripped 17th Century Italian Torchbearer Candle holders

These stunning candle holders are of the Baroque period in Italy, during the mid to late 1600s. These angels are now stripped, but still show evidence of original polychrome. You can also see nails and fragments on the back, where they once had wings. In French, they are known as "ceroferaire", which is the word used to describe to torch bearers in the Church. These have been hand carved with excellent execution of the draped robes, sandals, and overall proportion. Each torch bearer stands on a pedestal, one leaning on his left foot and the other on his right. The pedestals are adorned with carved scrolls and central masks. The candle cups are attached to what appears to be a depiction of draped fabric with acanthus leaf decoration.

Wonderful to admire, candle holders like this are quite rare, and the light natural wood finish now permits them to work in a variety of clean and neutral color interiors.

CONDITION: Good solid antique condition with old restorations, old wood worm damage, original wings missing all as seen in photos below.

H=30 1/2, W=13 3/4, D=7
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