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Code 319-48
Small Cast Stone Florentine Fleur De Lys Ornament

This decorative 20th century, three-dimensional Fleur de Lis is usually considered a symbol from France, but it has been used consistently as a Royal emblem through several different cultures. It can be found on artifacts from the West coast of France to ancient relics all the way to India. The Florentines refer to it as "Giglio". This decorative stone piece was likely part of a larger structure or ensemble. The upper portion of the lily has a hole in it for maybe a candle or a connecting piece. Scrolling floral forms make up the rest of the flower. Beneath is a circular platform of acanthus leaves with scrolls at their ends. It can be used indoors or out, and it measures just under 15 inches tall.

CONDITION:  Very good condition with only minor rubs to the stone in areas.

H=14 3/8, W=9 1/2, D=9 1/2
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