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Code 415-83
Unusual 17th Century Wood Carving Sculpture from Northern France

This rare and beautifully hand-carved bas relief plaque dates to the 1600s and is likely from Northern France. It depicts four gentlemen in the forefront with a castle in the background. It is a very nice scene with one of the man handing another some loaves of bread while the other two stand guard. Stylized clouds in the form of C-scrolls surround the upper portion of the plaque. The plaque has a curved shape at the top because it may have been carved directly from a log.

This quaint carving from the Northern part of France will be a pleasure to view in any room. It can be hung on the wall, but also looks great in a special rack or plate stand.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition from the 1600’s; minor rubs, nicks, and scratches.

H=14 1/2, L=23 1/2, D=5 1/2
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