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Code 417-43
Small 18th Century French Oak Column Capital

This French, hand carved Ionic capital has been carved out of European Oak.  The motifs are single flowers at the top center, stylized egg and flower, with garlands of fruit hanging from the scrolls on either side.  This ornamentation is on three sides, with variations due to hand carving.  The fourth side and back side has only the garland hanging from the scrolls.  This would have been the portion of the capital that would have been against a wall or flat surface.

Versatile in its uses today, this could be used as a piece of art on its own or a pedestal for placing another prized piece upon.

CONDITION: Losses to some motifs, age separations  all commensurate with use and age.

H=9 3/4, W=15, D=12 1/2
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