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Code 318-5
A Fine 19th Century Porcelain Capodimonte Group of Cherubs and a Goat

This bright Capodimonte porcelain group of four putti and a goat symbolizes abundance and the spirit of life. Capodimonte was originally an 18th century Italian porcelain company that made some of the finest figural pieces. Production has continued through the 20th century. This example is a late 19th century work representing putti or cherubs and a goat.

The Putti are a classical motif often depicted in wild revelry associated with wine fueled Bacchic rites. They have been represented across many forms of art this way for centuries. Here we see the mischievous mythological putti at play with a goat. They are feeding him wheat, hugging him, riding him, and suckling milk from him, while an empty wine jug lays on its side. This entertaining bright white porcelain group will enhance any surface it is placed upon. Its proportions are perfect, and it has been recently restored in France.

CONDITION: Very good condition with recent restoration. Minor imperfections to color and finish in areas.

H=14, L=15 1/2, D=11 1/2
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