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Code 917-82
An Iron, Wood, and Bronze Model of the Saint Barbara Cannon

This intricate cannon model is from Europe (possibly France, Spain, or Germany) and dates to the middle 1900s. The highly decorated bore, made of gilded bronze, depicts heraldic motifs and the figure of St. Barbara, who was the patron saint of artillery men. As a result of her beheader becoming struck down from lighting, she was soon regarded as the protector against lightning, storms, sudden explosions and destruction. Over a thousand years later as the first cannons were put into use, they often exploded on their crews. It was decided to turn to Saint Barbara for protection against such catastrophes, and thus she became the patron saint of artillery men. This model shows her along the topside of the bronze cannon bore. We can see her famous 3 window tower, palm branch, all while she stands upon and dominates a military trophy ensemble.

The rest of the cannon is iron strapping, chain, and wood. This 22 1/4 inch long model will be a great accessory in a library or office.

CONDITION: Very good. Minor nicks and wear commensurate with age.

H=9, Length=22 1/4, D=11 1/4
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