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Code 311-1
Antique Gilt Bronze Neoclassical Tazza

This antique Elkingtons tazza has a gold finish over bronze. The flat portion of the plate has a mythological raised relief scene of a young man with a goat surrounded by a series of inverted lobes in a circle. The outer circle of ornamentation has raised medallions and finely chased maiden heads in high relief along with other ornamentation of the neoclassical period. The circular pedestal base is most likely made of brass and has panels with raised stylized Fleur de Lys designs. Elkingtons Art Gold Bronze is stamped on the underside. Elkingtons & Co. started making clocks, plating metals, silversmithing, artwork, etc in the 1860's.

CONDITION: Good condition with some wearing to gold finish. Slightly higher on one end (4.125 vs 3.9 inches)

H=4 1/8, Diameter= 9 1/2
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