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Code 816-9
A Set of Four French Bronze Dore Sphinxes, 19th Century

These 4 bronze statues represent the Egyptian sphinx. The classic sphinx is a hybrid of a lion and a human and first appeared in Egypt during the IV dynasty. It was shown both sitting or lying down. The mofit of the sphinx remained a major feature throughout the Egpytian kingdom for over a thousand years and eventually spread throughout the Ancient wold. It was toward the end of the 1700s that Napoleon began his Egyptian campaign. The following intense study of Egyptian ruins and culture resulted in widespread appreciation for Egypt's history and art. Shortly after the publication of "Le Voyage dans la basse et la haute Egypte" by Dominque Vivant Denon, there was a widespread diffusion of Egyptian ornamentation. It was starting to appear in furnishings and art throughout the West. In France, the Egyptian influence made its way into the designs of the famous Percier and Fontaine architects who would lead the French Empire movement.

The bronze pieces below date to this time frame, of early to mid 1800s. Along their backs and under the feet, we see notches and attachment holes, which lead us to believe they were part of a large piece of Empire furniture or held a large platter of some sort. Today, they can be used as decorative accessories or bookends. The color and quality of the gilding and details is excellent.

CONDITION: Very good condition. Small hole on bottom, attachment holes, minor rubs. Please inspect photos.

H=8 1/4, Max Width=6, Max Depth=5 3/4
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