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Code 917-7A
Antique Brass Repousse Jardiniere from France

This antique French brass jardinière is oval in shape with a thick, decorated border at the top.  A small lip above the border with linear motifs runs around the periphery. Beneath the border is vertical gadrooning around the entire jardinière, and at either end are the handles depicting lion’s faces with rings in their mouths. All of the decoration is repousse, meaning it has been hand hammered from behind. The planter rests upon four claw feet.

This antique French brass jardinière will be a wonderful accessory anywhere in the home.

CONDITION: Old restorations, lion face has damage to nose, dents to gadrooning, old surface buildup.

H=6 1/4, L=12 3/8, D=8 1/2
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