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Code 917-71B
Late 1800s French Blue Gros Relief Barbotine Vase

This tall, antique French large relief floral, barbotine vase has its flowers on a very rare ground color of a mottled, pale blue. Barbotine was made from kaolin clay which enabled the artists to hand mold, paper thin petals of flowers, leaves and buds. The trick was to make it all the way through to the firing stage where months of work could be obliterated in minutes. If it made it through the firing phase, the extreme fragility of the petals on the flowers could easily be broken at the handling and packing phase. So, they are rare regardless of color, as many did not survive!

This particular vase is taller than most at 16”, and has very large flowers, with buds and leaves on the rare pale blue ground color. The bottom is incised with the letters, R and an indistinguishable 2nd letter. It will be a focal point wherever it is placed.

CONDITION: Old restorations.  Some chipping and minor cracks around top (structurally sound), as seen in photos.

H=16, W=10, D=10 1/2
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