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Code 417-86
Antique Oak Black Forest Barometer and Thermometer, Circa 1885

Found in France, this richly hand carved, European oak, Black Forest carving dates to the late 1800’s.  There is a thermometer on the upper portion and a barometer on the lower portion. Above the thermometer, at the very top is an oak leaf, with a fox’s head between two curved twigs. Surrounding the thermometer are more scrolling oak leaves, branches and berries. Flanking the barometer are birds of the hunt within a foliate surround. At the base, is a small stylized shield motif with an oak leaf at its base. It is holding what appears to be a leather satchel and straps within the oak leaf’s branches. There is still alcohol in the thermometer, and it reacts to temperature changes.

The "Black Forest" style describes wooden sculptures or carved replicas of nature's bounty, incorporated into the design of household items.  Antique Black Forest handicrafts exemplify Swiss folk art traditions and are seen in carved clock cases, hall trees, desks, picture frames, chairs and all variety of decorative objects and furnishings. The black forest style is the accomplished carving and trained whittling of realistic tree branches, twigs, bears, birds, deer, rabbits, edelweiss flowers and such. This well detailed Black Forest thermometer and barometer will be a source of conversation anywhere it is placed.

CONDITION: Excellent, with only very minor wear

H=32 1/4, W=15 1/2, D=3
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