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Code 319-100
Deep Relief Carved Black Forest Plaque, Circa 1890

From France, this hand carved wooden plaque features deep and highly detailed carvings. It portrays a hunting scene with a man on a horse and a deer just below him. The man has a horn in his mouth, and his two hunting dogs are already engaged with the deer. A man stands in front of the deer, ready to aid in the attack. The hunt takes place in a forest, at the foot of a hill with a castle at the top. The bottom of the scene is framed in a square, while the top corners are gently curved, featuring stylized palmettes. The back of the scene at the top tapers gently to meet the front edge of the plaque.

The "Black Forest" carvings first became popular in the 1860's. The Black Forest style describes wooden sculptures or carved replicas of nature's bounty, incorporated into the design of household items.  Antique Black Forest handicrafts exemplify Swiss folk art traditions and are seen in carved clock cases, hall trees, desks, picture frames, chairs and all variety of decorative objects and furnishings. Walnut and linden wood is typically used. The black forest style is the accomplished carving and trained whittling of realistic tree branches, twigs, bears, birds, deer, rabbits, edelweiss flowers and such. Although Brienz, Switzerland can be considered the heart and the origin of Black Forest art, there were workshops in parts of Germany and France that catered to the boom in the Victorian era tourist trade.

CONDITION: Very good condition with only minor rubs and wear to sides.

H=20, W=13 3/4, D=2 1/2
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