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Code 318-24
Antique Walnut Wood Black Forest Inkwell, Circa 1900

This stunning antique Black Forest inkwell has been made from Walnut Wood and dates to Circa 1900. The piece is composed of carved twigs, leaves, berries, rocks and five little birds. Toward the top of the inkwell, is a small wicker basket with a female bird resting upon a branch bearing fruit.  To the left and lower side of the basket is the male bird looking up at her attempting to get her attention.  On the opposite side, at the same height is a baby bird resting on some branches. Barely visible, a bird is nestled underneath the basket, surrounded by foliage.  At the right front is another baby bird looking at the basket where the inkwell is. Two wicker baskets hold the glass inkwells at either side, with lids bearing fruit and leaves.

 The textural variation of all the motifs adds wonderful interest to this piece. An inkwell is a relatively rare object for Black Forest carvings.  It will be a fabulous study on a desk or table.

CONDITION: Excellent condition, minuscule abrasions in areas.

H=8 1/2, L=15 3/8, D=12
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