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Code 917-71A
Small Antique Gros Relief Barbotine Vase from France, Circa 1880

Edouard Gilles owned and operated his atelier in Paris from 1868 to 1884. He was known for his elaborate naturalistic gros relief floral work. The work to finish one realistic flower, let alone several was extremely involved and difficult to complete. The paper- thin fineness of the petals during the firing and glazing process could be totally ruined in minutes! Few pieces remain intact today due to this fragility of relief.

This gros relief barbotine vase is impressed E G with the number 68 or 58 on the bottom of the vase.  The ground colors go from a mottled deep black green at the top to a pale green at the bottom. Huge relief flowers, stems and leaves are placed three quarters of the way around the vase.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with some chips and small nicks to flowers and edges both top and bottom of vase.

H=10 1/2, W=8 3/4, D=9
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