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Code SR10
Bergamo Silk Fabric for Ciel de Lit/Drapery/Pillows

Three Sections of Lined Bergamo Silk Fabric Made for a French Ciel de Lit (English Translation: Sky of the Bed) bordered with Bouillon Fringe.  Very Good Condition – Minor dust marks.
This beautiful lined silk fabric by Bergamo was made into a  double drapery swag and smaller central swag which hung from an 18th C. Giltwood Ciel de Lit at the head of the bed.  It can still be used with the ciel de lit, or because there is so much fabric, it could also be used for drapes, bedspread and pillows or any purpose requiring elegant cream silk fabric by Bergamo..

Section 1: 15.8 feet x 12 feet (swag folded over for measurement)
Section 2: 29.5 feet x 12 feet (no swag)
Section 3: Central Swag (not measured)

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