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Code 319-72
Set of Three Bas Relief Carved Belgian Panels, Circa 1930

From Belgium, this group of three hand carved panels depict different indoor and outdoor scenes. The panels have been framed in the same light weight wood as the low relief hand carved scenes. The first panel is an interior scene of three people at an eating table. The artist has carved the interior of the home beautifully, showing the arched doorway, beamed ceiling, and stone flooring.  The second panel depicts an outdoor scene with a man on a rearing horse.  He is on a city street with buildings nicely detailed in the background.  The third panel depicts an interior scene of a woman in a chair with a child seated by her side. They are in front of a fireplace with accessories on the mantle.

These hand carved low relief panels are full of interesting details. The depictions are consistent with the feel of old interior scene paintings from Belgium, Netherlands, etc.

CONDITION: Very good condition. Minor abrasions to fronts of wooden frames.

H=32 1/2, W=14 1/4 (each), D=1 1/2
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