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Code 417-84
Antique Barbotine with Bronze Ormolu, LeFront, Circa 1880

Theodore LeFront bagan working with Faience (tin glazed earthenware), Barbotine (earthenware decorated with colored liquid slips in an impasto style inspired by Impressionism) and porcelain in an atelier in Fontainbleau in 1860. He had several apprenticeships with various other porcelain ateliers until opening his own in 1872. Numerous exposition medals were awarded to LeFront between 1866 and 1884 for his pieces. This particularly tall (almost 14”) barbotine vase has an ormolu upper surround with a variety of motifs and a raised base of ormolu having stylized elephant motifs. It has ground colors of deep green all the way up to a very pale green. There is an all- around depiction of a variety of flowers painted over this in an impressionistic style and in an impasto method of painting. An attached interior bronze liner allows for fresh flowers. This stunning antique Ormolu and Barbotine vase by LeFront will be the focal point of any area it is placed.

CONDITION: Excellent with minor puncture to the interior liner towards the top.

H=13 5/8 Max Diameter=6 7/8
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