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Code 319-33
Circa 1880 Edouard Gilles Barbotine Jardiniere from France

Edouard Gilles owned and operated his atelier in Paris from 1868-1884. His shop or atelier was one of only a few of that period known for their exquisite artistry in creating large relief decoration barbotine. Edouard Gilles specifically, was known for his elaborate naturalistic gros relief floral work. The work to finish one realistic flower, let alone several, was extremely involved and difficult to complete. The Kaolin clay was manipulated to a paper- thin fineness, formed into flowers, colored, applied to a vessel, glazed and fired. During the firing, if a mistake was made, months of work could be ruined. Few pieces remain intact today due to the fragility of the relief of decoration. His period of production, only 16 years, make his pieces rare. Many went unstamped and unsigned. Other signatures are those of one of his artisans under his tutelage/workshop.

This particular oval gros relief vase or jardiniere (planter), has a melded green and black ground coloration with areas having painted leaves. The front has a stalk of open roses combined with stalks of smaller flowers. The back has a single stalk of flowers and leaves. There are handles on either side with gadrooned half rounds on the outside.  It is marked on the bottom EG on a raised rectangle with another beneath that is indecipherable.  The number 7 is beside this.

From France, this antique gros relief vase by Edouard Gilles will be the highlight of any area it is placed.

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with old restorations, minor nicks and abrasions to paint and glazes.

H=6 1/8, L=15 3/4, D=10
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