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Code 318-50
Pair of French 17th Century Aubusson Tapestry Pillows with Tassels

These French pillows have Aubusson tapestry from the 1600’s. Stunning half figures of winged griffins with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion, have been woven with meticulous skill. Each griffin rests upon a small platform. Varying foliate motifs surround their half figures, while the backs of the pillows are in complementary color of velveteen.  Green tassels are around the periphery.

Beautifully designed, these French 17th Century Aubusson Tapestry pillows can be placed anywhere in the home.

CONDITION: Excellent overall condition, one pillow has minuscule losses to stitching.

21 x 21 inches, 7 inches thick
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