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Code 1218-3
A Bright Pewter Antique French Art Nouveau Vase, Circa 1900

This French vase is made from a bright pewter and depicts a woman fending off a sea monster. A putti is opposite her peering down at the swimming creature. There is fantastic movement which is shown as raised and swirling shapes of water. It is from the Art Nouveau period of French decorative arts, which roughly lasted from 1890 to 1910. This art of this period has curved lines and organic forms, which the opposite of the stricter Classical periods of decorative arts which were copied in the late 1800's. The vase is signed, as seen in photos below, and it dates to right around 1900.

CONDITION: Beautiful condition with only minor wear to surface commensurate with age (minor nicks, pitting, tarnish, etc)

H=16 5/8, W=7, D=8 1/2
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