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Code 914-36
Antique Oak Carving of 17th Century Antwerp Artist David Teniers LeVieux

This stunning hand carved wood plaque depicts David Teniers LeVieux, a famous Antwerp Artist in the 1600’s. The left side is the Antwerp Shield in the 1600’s and on the right side is another shield which shows the years of his life. Between these two, and higher up, is a depiction of a pedestal upon which his bust rests. These three items have been colored in tones of red, teal, and gold. Delicate hand carved acanthus leaf c-scrolls and scrolls surround the entire center.

David Teniers Le Vieux was born in 1582 and died in 1649 in Antwerp. He was a Baroque painter of genre scenes, landscapes, and religious subjects. He first studied under his brother, Juliaen and later under Elsheimer in Italy and and Rubens in Antwerp. In 1606-07, he became a master in the Antwerp guild. He also achieved much success as an art dealer in the 1630’s. A number of paintings have been attributed to the elder Teniers, when in fact they were by his more famous son, David. His expertise was more in the genre scenes which showed a sense of humor in his portrayal of the everyday people.

This hard wood plaque is carved in outstanding detail, and overall, it is in very good condition.

CONDITION: Excellent antique condition. Old restorations, minor nicks and rubs.

H=29 7/8, W=32, D=7
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