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Code 1018-13
19th Century French Faience Jardiniere, Antoine Montagnon, Nevers

This colorful French faience jardiniere, is signed by Antoine Montagnon, of Nevers, France (bottom.) The town of Nevers is a well known faience production center in France. They have been producing high quality pieces since the beginning of the 17th century, but many of them faded away and production was very low by the mid 1800's. In 1875, Antoine Montagnon purchased a faiencerie, recruited painters, equipment, and re-mastered the old techniques. Some of his larger pieces were shown at the World Expositions of Philadelphia and Paris. The piece seen below has high scrolling handles at either end, along with crowned masks are at the center of either side.  The details of the of the polychrome decorations are putti, sphinges, cornucopia and floral and foliate motifs, all on a white ground. The piece rests upon a shallow base with four feet of scrolls with a lily at the center.

CONDITION: Good overall condition with minor losses to blues on pedestal portion before glaze. Rubs to first raised motif on handles.

H=11 5/8, L=21, D=10 3/4
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