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Code 917-54
Large 19th Century Painted Iron Sign Holder from Bordeaux France

This fascinating antique French sign holder has a volute shape which hangs from a horizontal iron rod ending in a round bronze decorated piece. Starting in the Middle Ages, large visual signs such as this were used before a numeric street address system was implemented. Some were more elaborate than others, such as the one featured here, from Bordeaux. They were usually hung from arms that extended from the building and were decorated on both sides.

With this sign holder, we see motifs of scrolling acanthus leaves, flowers, and a large a decorated shield.  The subjects of the shield is a large crown over a rampant lion, large flag, and another animal. The design of this sign holder is quite beautiful. It measures over 4.5 feet long.

CONDITION: Very good condition with some rusting to iron, aging to paint.
H=20 1/8, L=55 3/4, D=2
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