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Code 1119-10
Pair of Large Carved and Painted 17th Century Angels from Italy

This wonderful pair of polychromed angels on bases are of Italian origin and date to the 17th Century. They stand close to 40 inches tall, with their heads up and to the side, and crossed arms over their chest. As a true pair, they stand next to each other with opposite legs forward. The coloration of the angels includes shades of red, dark green, and black, while their large wings are finished in gold over red bole. Each is attached to a short rectangular base that has cherub’s busts at the center and sides.

These statues were produced during the very end of the Italian Renaissance and beginning of the Baroque Period. Their varying skin tones have been masterfully done, and each angel has a serene gaze. Wings intact.

CONDITION: Good antique condition commensurate with age. Color fading, previous old restorations, some chips and losses to paint as seen in photos. Old surface buildup. Each statue has an old iron loop in the back for attachment.

Height=38 and 38 1/2, W=16 3/4 and 17, D=15 1/2 and 16
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