Antique Rosewood and Brass Mounted Lap Desk with Leather Writing Surface

Writing slopes or portable desks have a long history. The 18th and 19th century versions all have a number of similar characteristics. They are small enough to be carried and used anywhere and often traveled with the owner. Most are made of wood or wood veneer. Many specialty woods, some with inlaid detail, can also be found. Most lap desks have a hinged top that reveals a writing surface of leather, felt, or cut velvet, a compartmental tray for ink, pens, seals and stamps, and a storage space below the writing surface for one’s letters and papers. Some have specialty details such as candlesticks, coin drawers and reading lecterns. Secret compartments were also a popular feature and added a touch of whimsy to a practical yet beautiful piece of cabinetry


Open Dimensions: 15 13/16 x 18 15/16

Closed Dimensions: H=6 3/16, L=15 3/4, W=9 3/8


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